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Marine Trailers

NEW 80 FOOT Stinger Pontoon Rig, built to haul 6 boats!

Trailer – 53 foot long,  with bumper NOT extended

Truck Bed – 20 foot

Rear bumper with lights,  extends 4 feet

Optional Meritor tire inflation system

Optional Polished Aluminum Rims

Rear view, bumper not extended

Loaded, 1 over cab, 4 on the trailer. The truck deck is being used to haul the tops for the boats, this time. The deck will haul 20 ft boat, in addition to the 5 on this load.

Notice, on this load the rear bumper is NOT extended.

Stinger trailer showing rigging supports in between rub rail and trailer. Note the spacing between post pockets makes it easy to configure rigging to various lengths.

Loaded pontoon stinger trailer.

Pontoon trailer with rigging bars stored in belly of trailer.

Stinger semi truck loaded with pontoons

2015 Pontoon semi stinger truck with cab rack for 1 pontoon on top and wood floor for parts and motors, with spare tire carrier on rear bottom of top deck.

2015 Pontoon semi stinger truck, with spare tire carrier under rear of top deck. NOTE: Highly modified Freightliner, to achieve a 95″ cab height. The cab modification was done through truck dealer, sleeper by ICT.

Highly modified Freightliner, 95″ cab height.

2015 Pontoon semi stinger truck

showing truck with pontoon rigging on front

Pontoon rigging and stinger hitch on back of truck