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Semi RV/Cargo Trailers

NEW 80 ft RV Stinger rig with 4 ft pull-oput bumper/lights allowing 5 ft rear overhang

Rear view showing loading ramps and bumper in standard position

The break where truck bed and trailer meet, showing the turning radius arc

53 ft RV Transport and 3 car trailer – air ride, including: 1-18,000 lb axle with 12 1/4×7 1/2″ S cam air brake,  ABS brake system,  air ride suspension with dump valve,  4-215×17.5″ (H) radial tires on 10 bolt wheels,  2-heavy duty 2-speed jacks,  8′ TuffNuff aluminum self-storing loading ramps,  18x18x36″ mounted steel tool box,  drilled center track for dolly wheel and ball stands,  4-2 headed ball stands (2″ & 2 5/16″),  1-special 48″ stinger front ball pole,  1-9,000 lb super duty worm gear winch with deep cycle battery and power shutoff switch,  E-track wheel bonnets,  heavy duty over the road wiring system with rubber mounted sealed lights – including mid turn lights and rear RV plug,  wood deck.  13″ RV step deck including 5 ft TuffNuff aluminum jump ramps
MO Trailer Corp. RV/cargo transports are 12″ I-beam main frame with 3″ structural cross members pierced through the main beams,  3″ side rails with 10 ga steel wheel pans

48 ft Stinger transport trailer with approx 17 ft radius rear truck bed on semi with 14 ft cab rack

Trailer has 2-22,500 lb air axles, 10 bolt inbound hubs, 8-Alcoa machine finished aluminum rims, 8 ft aluminum loading ramps, 5-double ball towers, drilled center track,  wood deck, hot dipped galvanized after fabricated, etc.

The truck bed has drilled center track, 1-ball tower, 9,000 lb Pierce worm gear winch, Holland cast 5th wheel and ball hitch adapter, wood deck, hot-dipped galvanized after fabricated, etc.

Special Semi Stinger truck/trailer with horse trailers.

Special semi truck/stinger trailer with 4, yes 4, RV campers!

Two RV semi stinger truck/trailer combinations, loaded and ready to hit the road.